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Transient Tamer DIY Project | This simple project conditions guitar for use with digital processors.

How to Choose Guitar Strings: Tone and Action | The string type and gauge you choose affects how you play, and the sound of your recordings.

"Electronic Projects for Musicians" - How to Update with Modern Parts | Substitute for two difficult-to-find parts.

EQ Techniques for Clean Guitar Sounds | There's more to life than distortion - and EQ is a crucial element in obtaining great clean sounds.

Better Guitar Sounds from Piezo Pickups | Piezo pickups don’t have to sound thin, boomy, brittle, or nasty.

Avoid Frustration with Program Changes and Amp Sims | Do program changes work with amp sims? Maybe...

Arturia's Guitar Synthesizer?!? It's Amazing with a Vocoder Can Do | This is certainly unexpected - but a whole lot of fun!

Guitar Cord Basics | Guitar cables may just be wire, but they're not as basic as some think - and they interact with both your instrument and your amp.

Go Beyond Rhythm Guitar with Synchronized Gating | Find out how to create hyper-rhythm guitar that really locks with a rhythm section.

How to Use NI’s Rig Kontrol 3 in Windows 10 | Native Instrument’s discontinued foot controller/audio/MIDI interface still works in Windows 10.

MIDI Guitar vs. Synth Guitar vs. Modeling Guitar | Let's explore the three main high-tech guitar options.

How to Use Reverb with Guitar | Today's digital reverbs can do a whole lot more for guitar than spring reverbs.

Optimizing Pickup Height for Sustain | Placing pickups close to your strings gives a hotter output - but the tradeoff is less sustain.

How to Use Octave Dividers with Bass | How low can you go? Well, even lower...if you use an octave divider.

One Tone Control, Two Tone Options | This simple mod extends what your tone control can do, without any irreversible modifications.

Tone Control Capacitor Fact and Fiction | Don't believe everything you read on the internet, especially if it involves guitar tone.

Out-of-Phase Pickup Tone Emulation with EQ | Rewire your guitar? No! Get that glassy sound with three stages of EQ.

Mess Up Your Guitar Sound with this Lo-Fi Project | Don't take a load off your guitar—add one on!

More Touch Sensitivity for Compression and Distortion | Get more articulation, and better touch, when playing solos.

Signal Processing for Bass | Ready to augment the sound of your bass? These tips will help you along.

How to Check Input Impedance | Input impedance affects tone and level—find out how to test it.

Why an Adjustable Nut Matters | I hope this doesn't become a casualty of the 2015 Gibson backlash.

10 Hot EQ Tips for Guitar | Distortion and EQ are crucial for guitar - make sure you get the EQ right.

5 Amp Cabinet Miking Tips | To mic a cab, you just point a mic in its general direction, right? Actually, there's more to miking than meets the ear.

Recording Electric Guitar - the Basics | Whether recording direct or using a microphone, check out these basics before you click on "record."

Recording Electric Bass - the Basics | It's not easy to record bass, because it likes to violate the laws of physics - but these tips can help.

How to Optimize Guitar Track Levels for Amp Sims | Amp sims are critically dependent on input levels, so let's give them what they want.

How True Bypass for Guitar Effects Works | Is true bypass a good idea, or not? Let's find out.

Use De-Essing to Obtain Better Amp Sim Sounds | Look out - there's treble ahead. But a de-esser can help create a better tone.

All About Layering Guitars | Layering supposedly gives a "bigger" sound - but that's not always a given.

Build a Guitar-to-XLR Preamp for Guitar |Whether for feeding line inputs, pro audio gear, or driving long cable runs, this box solves many problems.

Which Dynamics Effect is Best for Guitar? | Limiting, compression, multiband dynamics - find out how each one affects sustain.

Guitar Amps: Combining Virtual and Physical | No law says you have to use only virtual amps or physical amps - why not combine them?

Alternate Tunings for Guitar – The Easy Way | Alternate tunings have become far more practical - check out these four options.

Sound Design with Guitar: Pads | In the studio, pads aren't only for keyboard players.

10 Common Guitar Recording Mistakes | The recording process is difficult enough, without looking for trouble.