PSP Audioware Flare Dynamics Processor: Not Your Normal Compressor | Tight, clean compressor/limiter with minimal artifacts

BomeBox MIDI Hub: MIDI Data Swiss Army Knife? | Do-all MIDI box handles everything from DIN/USB conversion to networking.

CEntrance MixerFace R4R Mobile Mixer/Interface/SD Recorder | Compact, pro-level workhorse for podcasts, music, and broadcast on the go.

Zivix Jamstik Guitar Trainer: Hot MIDI Controller in Disguise? | Does this controller with the “look and feel” make MIDI guitar easy?

PageFlip Firefly, Dragonfly, and Butterfly Dual App/DAW Control Footswitches | Put your foot down, and control your applications.

Blue Cat AcouFiend Feedback Emulator Plug-In | You can't get feedback with a plug-in, right? can.

IK Multimedia iRig Pro Mobile Audio/MIDI Interface—The Sequel | iRig Pro I/O remains a superb-sounding, versatile mobile interface.

ASI Audio 3DME In-Ear Monitors with Built-In Ambience Mics | The goal: IEMs that save your hearing, but don’t isolate you. Do they work?

Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition | Too good to be true? Find out if this can fix headphone and speaker frequency responses.

Audified MixChecker and MixChecker Pro | Your mix sounds great in the studio - but what will it sound like on consumer playback systems?

Mackie SRM-Flex Personal PA | Let’s see how it this column-based PA stacks up to the competition.

Waves PRS SuperModels Amp Sims | Do these sims really feel like amps, not just sound like them?

Bose S1 Pro Portable PA System | Let's find out if we can expect a big sound from such a small "personal PA."

Scuffham S-Gear 2.7 Amp Sim | S-Gear has a lot of devoted fans. But what makes it special?

Mackie ProFX16v3 Mixer | Mackie made its name with mixers - let's see what's up with the latest generation.

Intelligent Sounds & Music Aroma Plug-In | Can a spice rack be a plug-in? Find out if Aroma makes scents.

Arturia Matrix-12 V2 Virtual Instrument | The Matrix-12 amazed the world when it was introduced. Can a virtual version stack up?

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 and BIAS AMP 2 | BIAS FX 2 is a major uprade to BIAS FX. Is it worth the extra bucks?

A|A|S Modeling Collection | This collection includes five unusual virtual instruments, and a novel delay effect.

IK Multimedia TS2 MAX | How suite it is: IK folds virtually all their instruments and processors into a bundle.