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For information on signal processors, effects, and plug-ins, please go to the Signal Processing section of the Articles Library.

DIY Multiband Splits for Pro Tools | If your version of Pro Tools doesn't include a frequency splitter, we can fix that.

5 Ableton Live TipsFrom better VST scanning to more efficient laptop operation, get more out of Ableton Live with these tips.

Add Room Ambiance with Virtual MicsEmulate the sound of room reflections in Studio One. With Track Preset download.

7 Effective Ways to Convert Mono Guitar into Stereo | Let's bridge the worlds of mono guitars and stereo recordings.

Ripple Editing Explained | Ripple editing is useful not only with video, but with arranging for audio projects.

Easy Multiband Processing in Steinberg Cubase | Convert multiband dynamics into a four-band crossover.

VST 2.4 vs. VST3: The Differences Revealed | Is the VST3 format really that much better? Let's investigate - and bust some myths, too.

How to Do Backwards Tape Effects with DAWs | It used to be hard to do reverse tape effects - now DAWs make it easy.

Easy Multiband Processing in Ableton Live | Get cleaner guitar distortion and super-special effects with multiband processing.

Send Effects Basics—and Why They're Ultra-Cool | Get the most out of this flexible signal processing option for DAWs.

20 Essential, Time-Saving Tips for Cakewalk by BandLab | Improve and speed up your workflow with these tips.

How to Create the Preverb Effect with DAWs | Preverb causes reverb to swell up to a note's start, instead of decaying after the note. CoolQ

Let's Bust Some Preamp Myths | Are preamps really magical devices that can make or break a recording? There are reasons to be skeptical.

Why It's a Good Idea to Convert MIDI-Driven Instrument Tracks to Audio | Rendering instrument tracks isn't just about convenience.

Can You Really Hear the Effects of Dithering? | Maybe yes, maybe no...let's investigate. With audio examples.

5 Ways to Save Time in the Studio | You want to have fun in the studio...and this will help!

Mixing with More than Just Fader Levels | The usual way to make a track stand out is to raise its level, but there are other options.

Use Tempo Change "Time Traps" for Extra Drama | Slight pauses just before important changes can increase the drama in a mix.

Improve Your Mixes with Pink Noise - Really! | It may sound crazy to add pink noise while mixing, but there's a method to this madness.

Open-Back Amp to Closed-Back Amp Sound Conversion | With an open-back amp, getting a closed-back sound might be easier than you think.

How to Scan Custom VST Folders in Ableton Live | And there's even a way to use VST3 plug-ins.

Even Out a Track's Levels with Melodyne | Melodyne isn't just about pitch correction, but level correction as well.

Using Studio One's Project Page with Other DAWs | Studio One can  update your master when editing tracks - here's how to do that with any DAW

How to Solve VST Scan Problems | If certain plug-ins don't get along with your DAW, here's a way to ferret them out.

Create Stretchable, Acidized Audio Files for Free | Create "acidized," stretchable files for free with a Windows computer.

Mix with a Keyboard's MIDI Control Surface | If you like mixing with physical controls, your keyboard might be able to do the job.

How to Do Tempo Variations with DAWs | Spoiler alert: there's a really easy way to do this, as well as the usual, more traditional options.

Splice Your Way to a Better Performance | With solo performances that don’t follow a click, loop recording isn't an option – but this technique is.

Aux/Send Bus Techniques | Aux/send buses, whether in hardware or software, allow for a variety of audio processing techniques.

Quick Acoustics Tips | Even if your studio lacks acoustic treatment, these tips will help improve your monitoring.

How to Use DX Plug-Ins with VST-only DAWs | In theory, this isn’t possible...but it is, and this works with DXi, too.

Hard Disk Editing for the Ultimate Bass Groove | Have a tighter rhythm section than an E string tuned up an octave.

How to Do True Tape-Type Varispeed in Cakewalk/Sonar | Yes, you really can do artifact-free, simultaneous pitch+length changes.

Cakewalk QuadCurve vs. Sonitus EQ: Which is Better? | Choose the right equalizer for the right job in Cakewalk by BandLab.

How to Use Cakewalk with NI Komplete Keyboards | Yes, Cakewalk can integrate with Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol keyboards.