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For information on signal processors, effects, and plug-ins, please go to the Signal Processing section of the Articles Library.

DIY Multiband Splits for Pro Tools | If your version of Pro Tools doesn't include a frequency splitter, we can fix that.

5 Ableton Live TipsFrom better VST scanning to more efficient laptop operation, get more out of Ableton Live with these tips.

7 Effective Ways to Convert Mono Guitar into Stereo | Let's bridge the worlds of mono guitars and stereo recordings.

Ripple Editing Explained | Ripple editing is useful not only with video, but with arranging for audio projects.

Easy Multiband Processing in Steinberg Cubase | Convert multiband dynamics into a four-band crossover.

VST 2.4 vs. VST3: The Differences Revealed | Is the VST3 format really that much better? Let's investigate - and bust some myths, too.

How to Do Backwards Tape Effects with DAWs | It used to be hard to do reverse tape effects - now DAWs make it easy.

Easy Multiband Processing in Ableton Live | Get cleaner guitar distortion and super-special effects with multiband processing.

Send Effects Basics—and Why They're Ultra-Cool | Get the most out of this flexible signal processing option for DAWs.

20 Essential, Time-Saving Tips for Cakewalk by BandLab | Improve and speed up your workflow with these tips.

How to Create the Preverb Effect with DAWs | Preverb causes reverb to swell up to a note's start, instead of decaying after the note. CoolQ

Let's Bust Some Preamp Myths | Are preamps really magical devices that can make or break a recording? There are reasons to be skeptical.

Why It's a Good Idea to Convert MIDI-Driven Instrument Tracks to Audio | Rendering instrument tracks isn't just about convenience.

Can You Really Hear the Effects of Dithering? | Maybe yes, maybe no...let's investigate. With audio examples.

5 Ways to Save Time in the Studio | You want to have fun in the studio...and this will help!

Mixing with More than Just Fader Levels | The usual way to make a track stand out is to raise its level, but there are other options.

Use Tempo Change "Time Traps" for Extra Drama | Slight pauses just before important changes can increase the drama in a mix.

Improve Your Mixes with Pink Noise - Really! | It may sound crazy to add pink noise while mixing, but there's a method to this madness.

Open-Back Amp to Closed-Back Amp Sound Conversion | With an open-back amp, getting a closed-back sound might be easier than you think.

How to Scan Custom VST Folders in Ableton Live | And there's even a way to use VST3 plug-ins.

Even Out a Track's Levels with Melodyne | Melodyne isn't just about pitch correction, but level correction as well.

Using Studio One's Project Page with Other DAWs | Studio One can  update your master when editing tracks - here's how to do that with any DAW

How to Solve VST Scan Problems | If certain plug-ins don't get along with your DAW, here's a way to ferret them out.

Create Stretchable, Acidized Audio Files for Free | Create "acidized," stretchable files for free with a Windows computer.

Mix with a Keyboard's MIDI Control Surface | If you like mixing with physical controls, your keyboard might be able to do the job.

How to Do Tempo Variations with DAWs | Spoiler alert: there's a really easy way to do this, as well as the usual, more traditional options.

Splice Your Way to a Better Performance | With solo performances that don’t follow a click, loop recording isn't an option – but this technique is.

Aux/Send Bus Techniques | Aux/send buses, whether in hardware or software, allow for a variety of audio processing techniques.

Quick Acoustics Tips | Even if your studio lacks acoustic treatment, these tips will help improve your monitoring.

How to Use DX Plug-Ins with VST-only DAWs | In theory, this isn’t possible...but it is, and this works with DXi, too.

Hard Disk Editing for the Ultimate Bass Groove | Have a tighter rhythm section than an E string tuned up an octave.

How to Do True Tape-Type Varispeed in Cakewalk/Sonar | Yes, you really can do artifact-free, simultaneous pitch+length changes.

Cakewalk QuadCurve vs. Sonitus EQ: Which is Better? | Choose the right equalizer for the right job in Cakewalk by BandLab.

How to Use Cakewalk with NI Komplete Keyboards | Yes, Cakewalk can integrate with Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol keyboards.