Signal Processing

Multiband Signal Processing | For more articulation, expressiveness, and innovative sounds, multiband processing is the ticket.

Create Vocoder-Like Effects with Multiband Sidechaining | Here's how to take sidechaining to the next level.

Advanced Tremolo Techniques | Tremolos have come a long way since surf music, and can add rhythmic spices to any kind of music.

How to Use Rack-Mount Compressors with Guitar and Bass | Rack-mount compressors can give higher performance than stompboxes.

How to Make Reverb "Bloom" | This lush reverb sound provides a less percussive alternative to pre-delay.

5 Compression Tips for Vocals | Everyone seems to use compression on vocals, so let's maximize the effectiveness.

Make Better Guitar Mixes with These 7 EQ Tips | When mixing guitar, equalization helps make sure the guitar fits well with the other tracks.

"Glue" Bus Compression - Without a Bus Compressor | If you have a compressor, you have what you need for a "glue" bus compressor.

How to Use Transient Shapers | Transient shapers have tended to fly under the radar bit, but there's increasing interest in using them to enhance mixes.

Should EQ Go Before or After Compression? | Let's find out if there's a definitive answer.

How to Build Your Ideal Amp Sim Cabinet with Equalization | If you can’t find the right cabinet...then make your own!

Out-of-Phase Pickup Tone Emulation with EQ | You don't need to rewire your guitar to emulate out-of-phase pickup tone.

Add Virtual Room Ambiance to Your Amp Sim | Adding room sound ambiance enhances the realism of amp sims.

Reverb Basics and Parameters | To tweak reverb parameters, first you need to know the basics of how they affect the sound.

5 "Wrong" Effects Orders | Sometimes being wrong ends up being what's right. Find out how to mess your sound - but in creative ways.

How to Obtain Transparent Compression | When you want kinder, more transparent compression, here's the answer.

How to Do Envelope-Controlled Flanging with Melodyne | This isn't a joke: there really is an envelope-controlled flanger hidden inside Melodyne.

How to Create a Super Phase Shifter Effect | This technique ups the drama quotient for most phase shifter effects.

Bigger, More Powerful Analog Beatbox Drum Sounds | Use saturation and EQ to make your analog drum sounds more powerful.

Use a Multiband Compressor as a High-Quality Graphic EQ | It may seem odd, but try this - a precision graphic EQ may be what you need.

Amp Sim Analog Distortion vs. Digital Distortion | Amp sims can have good distortion, and nasty distortion. Let's minimize the nasty stuff.

Alternative Clean Guitar Sounds with Novel EQ Curves | Novel EQ curves create some of the out-of-phase pickup vibe—but with more options.

Trigger an Envelope Filter from Anywhere in an Effects Chain | With this mod, an envelope filter doesn't always have to be the first effect in an effects chain.