Basics | Theory

Basics of Analog Audio | So what is analog audio, anyway? This quick refresher covers the essentials.

Linear- vs. Minimal-Phase EQ: Is One of These Evil? | It all depends on who you ask...and what you need to do.

Glossary of Audio Filter Terms | You'll encounter these filter terms as you work with audio - here's what they mean.

All About Audio Phase and Correlation Meters | They're good for so much more than checking final mixes.

Instruments with Multiple Outputs - the Basics | How useful are multiple outputs? How do you use them? What about effects? Find out here.

What You Need to Know About Filter Responses | Learn about the filter types you'll encounter in audio, recording, and synthesizers.

Microphone Basics | Microphones are an essential part of recording, so you need to know how to choose the right mic for the right job.

Balanced vs. Unbalanced Analog Audio Connections | You'll likely encounter both connectors, so you need to know their principle of operation.

MIDI: Just the Basics | If you're not up to speed on this important protocol, let's get started.

Understanding Frequency Response | Frequency response affects every aspect of sound recording and reproduction. Here's what it's about.

Understanding the DeciBel: The Very Basics | Understanding the deciBel fully is difficult, but the basics are fairly simple.

Preventive Maintenance Basics | It's really quite simple: take care of your gear, and it will take care of you.

Ground Loops: What They Are, How to Fix Them | Ground loops can be vexing, but try these simple fixes before you go crazy.

Five Questions about Audio Specs | Specifications aren't only for geeks—and knowing a little bit about them can guide you when choosing audio gear.

Digital Metering Basics | Meters can tell you a lot about what's happening with your audio - and digital meters can tell you more.

Understanding Ripple Editing | Ripple editing has always been crucial for video editing - find out how it can be equally valuable for audio.

What Spectrum Analyzer Parameters Mean  | Find out how spectrum analyzer parameters affect what you see.