How to Speed Up MIDI Operations with Macros

Save time, and keep your inspiration flowing, with keyboard macros

A macro can be a real time-saver, because it lets you string together multiple keyboard shortcuts into a single keyboard shortcut. For example, suppose you often quantize to 1/16th notes, with 50% strength, and like to add a swing factor of 52%. You can set up a macro so that after selecting your data, you do a single keyboard command and voilà—all three editing operations occur. Keyboard Maestro is probably the most common macro creator for the Mac, while AutoHotKey owns that distinction for Windows. However, you may not need a third-party program; some recording software let you create macros within the program. The image above shows the Macro Organizer in Studio One, which allows creating, editing, deleting, and grouping macros.

Keyboard shortcuts save a lot of time, but creating some macros for your most-used repetitive operations will save you even more time.