My Music Videos

These are selected music videos I've done. Many of them illustrate the techniques discussed on this site, and as I produce new music videos, they'll show up here.

I do a new project every year. The larger tiles are albums or collections, the smaller ones are "singles." For more music videos, please visit my YouTube channel.

[Album] "Take Me Back to Tomorrow" was the project for 2020, which is the year a lot of people would like to forget. But in the midst of tumult, I thought it was time to have some fun, with 8 danceable songs and a Caribbean twist. One listener called it "tropical pop" - which sounds about right!

[Album] Usually my projects have a theme, but the theme 2019's "The Singles" was no theme - it's a collection of individual songs that cover a wide range of styles.  

[Album] 2018's Joie de Vivre ("Joy of Life") project is a rock-meets-EDM continuous mix that blends two forms of music I really love. There's a lot of electronics, but vocals, too.

[Album] After the multi-layered sounds of 2016's Neo-, 2017's Simplicity turned 180 degrees - acoustic instruments, upfront vocals, and an emphasis on storytelling.

[Album] Neo- is short for "Neo-Psychedelic Music for the 21st Century," and asks the question: if psychedelic music were invented today, what would it sound like?

I don't do a lot of ballads, but every now and then, it's good to try something different.

Designed for flat out, summer fun with blues harp and a virtual 45 record spinning away.

It's dangerous for a cover to be so different from the original, but it's my tribute to the moon landing.

I had a lot of fun recording this, especially all the vocals. And most people can probably relate!

This is the 1st song in Simplicity, and as close as I've come to modern country. Hey, I'm in Nashville!

Got the Nashville QTs to sing on this one, they always take a song to the next level.

I'm fascinated by other languages. This is my first bilingual Spanish / English song.

I wrote this song in French, it has that Antilles vibe...consider it a tribute to afropop.