MIDI Basics

This series of 10 videos (sponsored by Alesis) is from 1991, yet because MIDI has been a constant, it remains relevant. Some of the later videos are less so because they deal with specific pieces of gear that are long gone...but still, this was an unbelievably popular video series at the time, and it still gets a surprisingly large number of views because the principles remain valid.

Here's what the 10 videos cover:

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview and Applications
  3. Modes and Channels
  4. MIDI Hookups
  5.  Continuous Controllers
  6.  MIDI Controllers for Electric Guitar
  7.  MIDI Controllers Using the Quantar MIDI Guitar
  8.  Continuous Control Applied to QuadraVerb's Resonators
  9.  Backing Up Your Data
  10.  Sequencer/Drum Machine Synchronization